At the outset of introducing ourselves we would like to thank all our clients, vendors and others

for their extensive support and trust they have exhibited in us.

We have a dedicated team of expertise to understand the requirements of our clients and work to their satisfaction. We believe in building relationship that will last forever. Our diversified business ventures touch thousands of customers in India and worldwide. Our team members are one of the best in the industry with rich experience and knowledge.

We believe in working to the utmost satisfaction of our clients because we know and humbly submit that without them our presence is impossible.


Our vision is to enhance business ventures, enlarge our customer base domestically as well as in international markets be a global leader, and give unparallel experience to our clients.


We are on the mission to ceaselessly work for our clients leaving no stone unturned, grow with them and strive for the betterment step by step.


Base of our organization is strong values, ethics and principles. We believe in working hard and smart without compromising on moral principles.

Our Values keep us different from others.

Our faith is that greatest of the organizations were built on strong and absolute foundations of honesty.
Transparency in our transactions and absolute respect for the law of the land are our assets that we treasure the most.

Our Diversified Business Ventures

We began our humble beginning in the year 2003 and step by step ventured into diversified sectors without compromising on our quality and our values.

> Land Developers
> Interiors
> Advertisements
> Tours and travels
> Hotels
> Marketing
> Production House

Our Ventures and Achievements

This was the year of our establishment, and the year in which we set out to unleash our dreams. Our team of experts conducted an extensive research and identified a project for land development in Shirur Taluka.  This place is the next stop for mega developmental projects. Yuvik land developers (former Jayraj group) then started Infinity Residency and undertook sale of plots in Wagholi.
The selected locations have substantial potential for tremendous growth in the future.
Our work of selling plots had substantially increased, thanks to our clients and all those who worked with us. We further felt the need to enhance our undertakings and apart from selling plots the need to provide our clients with housing and commercial establishments. Taking into account these new demands, we launched Yuvik Land Developers which undertook construction activity of housing projects and now we have thousands of satisfied customers.
Our good work continued, our projects and delivery on time was appreciated. We went ahead with our expansion plans and to further strengthening our activity we established Yuvik Land Developers & Builders.
Hotel industry is one of the fastest growing capital-intensive industry in the world. For some decades, there has been considerable increase in the number of people traveling domestically and internationally for business, vacation, pleasure and adventure. Sensing the opportunity and potential in the business, we decided to enter the business. We started our first hotel on Pune Nagar Road by name Jayraj Hotel (Permit room and lodging).
We live in the world of advertisements. They form a link between producers and consumers. The world of advertisements is a growing and expanding world. In the year 2012, we established Yuvik Advertisement and set forth to assist our clients, to establish a strong bond between them and their customers. We undertake all types of advertisements Newspaper to large hoardings on roads. We have expert team of content writers, designers for proper impact and value for money.
It was yet another interesting year for us with interesting events in our organization. Chirag Satav Patil a man with mission, vision and in touch with latest developments taking place globally took over the company. He is a person with very good business sense good decision maker and tremendous potential to carry forward our success story. He is the son of well-known business magnet Rajendra Satav Patil. It is a well-known business family in Pune and in spite of their success; they have strong bonds with the grass roots.
Indian film industry has a long history and India holds the record for producing maximum number of films every year. Indian film Industry known as Bollywood has a large fan following globally. Our films are screened all over the world. Yuvik group started their Production House popularly known as Cherry Production House. In the near future, there will be number of films released from our production house. There are two films which we produced.
Askat– Short Film
Ashwamedh – Short Film
We also organized World Dance Day event -2016 at Kumar Pacific Mall, which was very successful, and we were able to give a platform to hundreds of upcoming dancers, musician’s choreographers and other artists. Its success just cannot be described in words.
Housing concepts are fast changing. It requires a professional touch to decorate and design the interiors of your house. Gone are the days when you used to buy furniture in your house and try to fit it. Proper design can not only accommodate you comfortably but also give a modern good look to your house. We set Yuvik Interiors and completed many assignments.
Our success story continued and in 2018, we launched two new projects under the name of Yuvik Buidcon.
The projects are Ananya Park a project of open plots, which attracted many buyers.
The other project is Ananya Residency a wonderful residential project with many amenities and quality construction work.